The Fourísimo Club

Join the Fourísimo Club:

As you become familiar with four element thinking, you’ll want to test it out in the world around you.

Here’s something intelligence-building and fun to do: share your findings, insights, thoughts, and actions as you apply “the four element template” to your world – and your particular interests.

That’s what the Fourísimo Club is all about. You become a Fourísimo when you find a way of applying the four elements to your world – and write a short (or up to 3 pages if so desired) “essay” on your insights, thoughts, observations, or actions as you do.

It could be a short essay on how you see this balance of four showing up in a book you just read, something you heard on the radio; how a set of four fundamentals present themselves at your job, in the inter-locking parts of your personal, professional, or academic interests, in the members of your family; mixed into a part of history you enjoy; strangely balanced in today’s socio-economic-political times, elegantly balanced in your favorite group, a song, a sports team, a particular player.

You might find it useful to read a chapter from Dr. W’s book on the four elements. This chapter is called, “In Literature, Politics, Sports & The Beatles”. It may give you a sense of how to connect this four element way of thinking to your interests, hobbies or life experiences so as to inspire you to write your own Fourísimo “essay”.

You can also click the download link below to view it as well.

It’s as simple as that! You have the choice whether you want to have it available for others to see on the site with your name, or without it. We will moderate any comments that it might receive – only inquisitive and encouraging ones, no snarky comments allowed.

Here’s how to join:
Paste your “essay” into the following. It might begin with something like: I’ve enjoyed applying the four elements to my world. My observation/I found that….

We all have a part in helping others to become the best they can be. That’s ultimately what the Fourísimo Club is seeking to do. It’s a way for people to share their own observations, experiences, and insights so others can learn from them.