Here’s the Two Ways to Get Your 4 Element Holistic Scorecard

There are two ways to access and use the 4 Element Holistic Scorecard. One is to use our special 4 Element Holistic Scorecard Tracker/Tabulator where activities are tracked (and tabulated) on your cellphone or computer; the other is to make paper copies and do it by hand. We recommend the Tracker-Tabulator, which you can access from the link below.

Using your Cellphone/Computer: Download the excel or the Google doc online version of the 4 Element Holistic Scorecard below. (Downloading instructions are in red on lines 3-6 on the doc, and can be deleted after downloading.) As you use this Holistic Scorecard you’ll see the changing scores as you do various positive activities each day. Not only does it tabulate each element’s score each day over the month, it also tracks and tabulates the total score of all your positive element-related activities.

You can even use this as a daily journal as you type in notes to yourself relative to any of these activities you did that day. There is also an area toward the bottom of the Scorecard where you can summarize the goals, reflections and accomplishments of the week.

Download the Scorecard Here
(Google doc)

By Hand: Make a copy of the Weekly Scorecard below. Add up your scores each week. Note score changes, lifestyle improvements, positive trends in the routines of your life as you go through each week and month.

Both ways will help you observe your strengthens and weaknesses in regard to how well balanced your life is in terms of this important foursome of Nature. Both will do much to help you notice lifestyle improvements and positive trends in the routines that build your life!

Why It Works

We are meant to create a Great Life by having Good Routines Just to be clear, a routine should not be thought of as a rigid structure of daily activities. One’s new habits, and all those habits you are currently doing, are a series of nodal points in the dynamic flow of your day-to-day activities. You’ll find these new four element-inspired habits will help bring you back to a positive frame of mind at set times during your day as you do them. While some are short and easy to do, others involve longer bursts of effort – sometimes 15 or more minutes.

To help you in this process, I would like to mention another pioneer in the holistic personal growth movement. A professor BJ Fogg, PhD, of Stanford has developed what he calls his Tiny Habits Method. I use it with my patients to help them more easily adopt healthier lifestyles through a proven way of making good things happen in your life.

The gist of Tiny Habits is this: after deciding on a new habit you want to create, it’s inserted before or after something you already do. For example, you could insert a short series of deep meditative breaths right after you brush your teeth. Here’s the interesting part: you’ll notice yourself feeling good as you insert even a “tiny habit” – something that really does not take too long – consistently into your routine. Well-built routines reinforce the best in you because they make you feel good about yourself through your consistent success in maintaining those good habits.

Scorecard Activities