The 4Element Self-Renewal System includes:

A set of 5-10 minute video episodes focused on the following:

Improved Neural Energy Flow

  • Increase brain function, mental vitality and positivity
  • Learn gentle hands-on Cranial-Facial exercises
  • Meditational-Mind force technique

Improved Breathing & Muscle Energetics

  • Release negative stress-holding patterns and create muscular robustness
  • Learn Dr. W’s chi-generating Right-Left Breathing Technique and more

Holistic Life Balance

  • Discover a set of activities which allow a set of life-positive principles to be drawn into you
  • Master your life as you use The Holistic Life Balance + Very Cool Journal App

Nutritional Competency

  • Strengthen your organs & body tissue by renewing your natural sensibilities
  • Discover easy ways to know good foods from bad
  • Learn about Dr. W’s super-foods

Good Posture and Musculoskeletal Well-being

  • Remove pain, stiffness through easy-to-learn 4 Element Yogatm
  • Fix your chronic biomechanical problems
  • Discover the hidden power of your body as you understand its underlying pattern
  • Gain enhanced Body Awareness