Scorecard Activities

The following are the eight activities for each of the four elements. Longer descriptions are available here. (FYI, they are also conveniently available in the memo section within each one’s line in the Holistic 30 Day Challenge Scorecard – they’re worth reviewing from time to time.).

Earth Activities

  • Walk 15 or more minutes with reasonably good heel strikes
  • Tackling something that’s been put off
  • Keep calm under pressure
  • Do something outside
  • Maintain a healthy routine
  • Clean/fix/craft/build
  • Focus on posture and body alignment
  • Express patience and/or generosity

Water Activities

  • Avoid artificial colors/ Read ingredients on labels
  • Stop and smell the roses
  • Dance, sway, move to music
  • Eat two healthy meals daily, hopefully preparing at least one of them
  • Nourish something or someone
  • Create a mystical moment/ Renew a personal connection
  • Have a green drink or herbal tea
  • Engage a passion, have some fun

Air Activities

  • Breathe 12 or more slow breaths
  • 5-30+ minutes of a vigorous sports activity/gym workout
  • Read something intellectually stimulating (5-30 minutes)
  • Write, think, strategize, discuss
  • Sharpen a skill
  • Mindfully done yoga-like movements
  • Feel life’s upward lift/ Resisting the low
  • Walk with gusto (head looking forward, arms moving)

Fire Activities

  • Meditate/Pray 5-20 minutes
  • Project a goal or ideal forward
  • Join with others in some idealistic way
  • Do something creative/courageous
  • Express heart, or kindness
  • Feel grateful, thank someone
  • Feel awe
  • Reflect on an accomplishment

Click here to see each of these activities in more detail – how and why they relate to an element.

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