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This book brings forward a powerfully new holistic way of thinking, living and healing. It builds on an ancient wisdom that has been largely forgotten today. The Ancients sensed that Nature’s four elements expressed a spiritual pattern – a cosmic code – that props up all of Creation.

You’ll discover how you can apply this wisdom to your own life. Before long, you’ll come to recognize that this Fire, Air, Water and Earth foursome of Nature presents us with the antidote to the stresses and imbalances that we often feel today. They help us appreciate a set of cosmic principles, human values and natural forces that we must balance in our lives.

The world becomes more interesting and inspiring, and you become healthier and more productive as you learn about this four element code. You’ll find how a single set of four elemental principles builds not only Nature, but our human nature and the architecture of our body. See how these four have joined in elegant ways to create the Beatles, your favorite musicians, artists and writers, and even America’s political parties.


• Discover how to live a more balanced, less stressed life
• Find out about the nutritional boosters Dr. Walsdorf recommends to his patients.
• Learn how to walk in ways that channel these four principles into you
• Invigorate your brain, organs and discs as you breathe and move
• Learn how to use the four to grow in personal, professional and spiritual ways

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