Personal Growth

As part of this Learning Program, you’re going to learn an elegant, really cool way to understand yourself and others. The world will become more interesting, intriguing and inspiring to you.

You will be able to navigate the world and get the success you want by seeing what the Fire, Air, Water and Earth of Nature tell us about a set of four cosmic-spiritual-natural principles, which are playing out all throughout your life – your own body, mind and spirit included

In fact, did you know that these four elements were used for thousands of years by the wisest of humankind in creating a psychological model that helped people understand their own lives better? What was this “four element psychology”, and why was it so useful that it stayed with humankind for two thousand years?

Truth be told, this four element psychology is astrology. While of course astrology can be over-used and over-simplified, you will see that astrology offers you interesting insights into how our human mind and spirit operate.

The reason astrology worked over all these millennia for humankind is because it is indeed based upon “the four elements”. It may very well offer us something that today’s psychological models do not.

Because it very well might be best way to still appreciate this four element way of seeing the human mind and our human condition, we think it has a place in your Learning Program. Dr. W sees astrology as a great personal growth tool.

Here’s the point: Even if you do not believe in any relationship between the stars, planets… and your life, there is something very valuable about using the four elements to understand your psychological make up.  Used right, this ancient “four element psychology” will help you master your life and grow personally and professionally.

The four elements are a great tool for personal growth. Indeed, the first coherent system for understanding human psychology – and our ability to harness it for personal growth – were based on Fire, Air, Water and Earth. This ancient “four element psychology” is at the foundation of astrology. 

While astrology was used in this way for over 3000 years (by the wisest of all human eras), you do not have to “believe” in astrology to gain important insights from what it tells you about these four elements of Nature/principles of the cosmos – and how they relate to our human condition.

In other words, regardless of whether the stars and planets might influence us, once you understand that these four cosmic-natural principles exist in a “de-facto” way, you begin to see their importance in your personal growth, life’s happiness, and success.