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Holistic Nutrition: Spices

A plant’s tastes and flavors help us to know it has valuable biochemistries for us to tap into. This natural calling to us by the colorful and flavorful parts of Nature – each with their particular life-positive principle(s) – has been terribly corrupted by many food manufacturers today.

Consider why the spice trade stimulated much of the commerce during Europe’s age of world discovery. Life becomes more interesting, fun, and pleasurable when we draw upon more of Nature’s many principles that plants put into the flavors of a spice.

Along those lines, it’s worth considering how spices serve as a first level to our use of herbs. It’s because spices are filled with molecules that have health-strengthening properties. Some of them will kill parasites within your gut, others will help you digest food, or stimulate your peristalsis; others are good against inflammations present in your body, some will help to stabilize your blood sugar, protect your brain, and give you energy. A spice’s gustatory flavors, as well as its body-affecting properties, expressed to the old herbalists its herbal principle(s).

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