Looking for an inspired, interesting, fun and effective way
to grow as a person and master your personal and professional life?

Growing Holistically is a Learning Program that is Doctor-Led
With it you’ll gain More

Personal Success

• Profession-wise

• Relationship-wise

• Finding Holistic Balance

Health & Body Awareness

• 4 Element Yoga

• Holistic Nutrition

• “Everyday Sensuality”

Outdoor Fun Moments

• Practical Ideas-Assignments

• Feeling Nature’s Spiritual Side

• Sharing Your Experiences

And how are you going to get those things?

By learning 4 simple, but mind-expanding  concepts
built upon Nature’s four elements!

Growing Holistically is led by a leading-edge holistic doctor ready to share his knowledge and experience.  Dr. Howard Walsdorf called Dr. W by his patients has been in active practice as a holistic chiropractor for over 30 years.

Continuing still in active practice, he has helped thousands of people with a wide variety of body, mind and spirit issues. Perhaps what distinguishes him most is his focus on an ancient holistic wisdom – and giving people effective ways to apply it to themselves.

This ancient holistic wisdom speaks of something most people have at least heard of

Fire, Air, Water and Earth

Growing Holistically is unique in that it connects you to an ancient wisdom that no one else is talking much about, Nature’s four elements.

We are here to help more and more people apply this four element wisdom in practical ways – becoming healthier, happier, and smarter as they do – and successful in their own life’s mission, goal, and ability to overcome obstacles in their life.

We have created a four month Holistic Learning Program that brings all this four element holistic info into your life. Few simple-to-learn things can change your life like this important bit of information, knowledge, awareness.

As you move through this program you will learn about the various sets of foursomes propping up the world around you. Not only will the world become more interesting and fun, but you will be able to navigate the world and get the success you want by understanding what the Fire, Air, Water and Earth of Nature tell us about how the cosmos and your life works.

Ready to Be The Best You Can Be?

Practical Benefits to expect along the way:

• Improved Posture

• Better sleeping

• Deeper breathing

• Being more positive

• Being drawn to healthier foods

• A more nimble, agile, pain-free body

• Improved health

• Better body weight

• Less Stress

• Amazing routines

• More positive energy

• More happiness

You will discover how gaining these twelve benefits are more easily accomplished when you are able to draw the power of Life into yourself in this four element way.

Here’s some words from Dr. W

“As part of this Holistic Learning Program community, you’re going to learn how to master your life in a deeper, holistic way – so you can gain the insights, the health, the happiness, and the well-rounded success you seek.

The secret to this holistic “self-mastering” reaches deep into the core of an ancient wisdom. Unfortunately, it’s a wisdom that few people know much about today.

And that’s what my Holistic Learning Program does. It connects you to this wisdom.

I’ve been working within this holistic four element way of thinking, living and healing for over 30 years and have discovered some very practical things we can each do to draw into ourselves the life-positive energies of Creation.

I’m going to teach you how to do it.

So, for example, the good posture and sense of being strong and sturdy that you want? You’re going to learn about the power of a good “heel strike” to bring the life-positive energies of the Earth Principle into you.

In the process you’ll walk better, gain better posture and become “sturdier” as a person.

You’re also going to discover the benefits of breathing and moving in ways that channel other life-positive forces into any of the weaker parts of your body to make them healthier.

Over the course of my years in practice I’ve discovered that people are thirsty for a doctor who can give them a deeper, even spiritual way to appreciate their body – and the food they eat, too.

You’ll be able to prepare tasty and healthy “four element meals” as I show you how to see the distinctive characteristics of different foods and spices in terms of a particular balance of “natural principles”.

Together, we’re going to use Nature’s four elements to understand the four main building blocks of our life. And why is it worth you learning this? Because it will help you to recalibrate and renew your life mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Sadly, while this foursome of natural principles-forces-energies were so well appreciated for literally thousands of years by the wisest of people, no one is talking much about them today.

I’ve come to realize that if people don’t get this important information from me, they probably won’t get it at all.

That’s why I’m putting myself out here like this. It’s a lot of work to bring something forward that is so against the normal way of thinking and living today, but somebody has got to do it 😉

Easy to Digest Lessons

Dr. Walsdorf’s Holistic Learning Program is broken down into easy-to-digest “lessons”. Most are between 10 and 15 minutes long.

Here’s the lessons in the course:
• Introduction to the 4 Elements
• How they came to be
• Your Nerves, Muscles, Blood and Bone
• Holistic Nutrition
• Your Amazing Body: 4E Yoga, part 1
• 4 Element Yoga, part 2
• Holistic Psychology
• Four Element Walking

There are fun and rewarding incentives to doing the lessons, and you get a Certificate of Completion!

You’ll also want to view “Dr. W’s Quick Minute” videos on our youtube channel. There are other opt-ins that allow you to take in as much or as little as you want.

Personal & Professional Growth through “4 Element Psychology”

As part of this Learning Program, you’re going to learn an elegant, really cool way to understand yourself and others. The world will become more interesting, intriguing and inspiring to you.

You will be able to navigate the world and get the success you want by seeing what the Fire, Air, Water and Earth of Nature tell us about a set of four cosmic-spiritual-natural principles, which are playing out all throughout your life – your own body, mind and spirit included

In fact, did you know that these four elements were used for thousands of years by the wisest of humankind in creating a psychological model that helped people understand their own lives better? What was this “four element psychology”, and why was it so useful that it stayed with humankind for two thousand years?

Truth be told, this four element psychology is astrology. While of course astrology can be over-used and over-simplified, you will see that astrology offers you interesting insights into how our human mind and spirit operate.

The reason astrology worked over all these millennia for humankind is because it is indeed based upon “the four elements”. It may very well offer us something that today’s psychological models do not.

Because it very well might be best way to still appreciate this four element way of seeing the human mind and our human condition, we think it has a place in your Learning Program. Dr. W sees astrology as a great personal growth tool.

Here’s the point: Even if you do not believe in any relationship between the stars, planets… and your life, there is something very valuable about using the four elements to understand your psychological make up.  Used right, this ancient “four element psychology” will help you master your life and grow personally and professionally.

As part of this Learning Program you’ll even get your horoscope done (no added charge). You’ll enjoy the way that it helps you to understand the various parts of you as you create the life you are seeking.

Body Awareness – 4 Element Yoga – “Everyday Sensuality”

Another part of this Learning Program is finding out that there is asacred architecture” to our human body, built as it is upon these same four cosmic-natural-spiritual principles.

You’ll learn about the chakras of yoga and how they relate to seven distinct musculoskeletal parts of your body. Dr. W has been a leader in this holistic way of seeing our human body for over 30 years!

If you are a practitioner in the musculoskeletal realm, or generally interested in understanding how the body works, this information will change the trajectory of your life. You’ll begin to move with a better sense of “body mechanics” – enjoying your life better in the process.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn 4 Element Yoga maneuvers that will help you feel “spiritually natural” principles-forces-energies moving through you – making your body healthier, and you more resilient against stress.

In the process of understanding these four forces moving through your body, you’ll find yourself gaining more “everyday sensuality”. In other words, you’re going to be able to feel life in richer and more pleasurable ways as you feel these four life-positive forces pulsing through you as you move through your day.

Whether it be in your body mechanics and posture – or in the psychology of your mind – your life’s strengths and weaknesses are all tied into how you draw these four into elegant (or precarious) balances within the different dimensions of your life.

Holistic Nutrition

Dr. W has had a strong personal and professional focus on nutrition for close to four decades. Take advantage of his experience. He not only understands the biochemistry of nutrition, but knows many practical ways to apply the nutrition knowledge of our time into your life today.

One thing that sets this Holistic Learning Program apart is its ability to give you a simple model for appreciating the way food is meant to be filled with a variety of “natural principles”.

A goal in Holistic Nutrition is to draw into yourself the flavorful, crunchy, bitter, sweet and savory principles of life.  With this way of thinking, you come to realize that man-made “counterfeit foods” are devoid of the life-positive biochemistry that make “the natural” so much better for you.

As part of the Learning Program, you’ll learn about the value of spices in meals, of herbs for teas, certain foods for healing.

You’ll learn how to cook simple but tasty nutrition-boosting meals. You can do it – Dr. W and the rest of the Community will guide you to a healthier and a more energy-strong you!


Another important part of this 4 month program is that you will learn from the experiences of others as you and they share experiences as this Nature-framed wisdom is tapped into.

You’re going to find the Growing Holistically more than a Learning Program, but also a welcoming and encouraging place where you can enjoy the company of others as you explore life and grow in this holistic four element way.

With that said, if you want to continue on after your four month program you can at the same 29.00/month – we don’t push it as an automatic renewal after those four months. While this is a stand-alone Learning Program, it is worth knowing that we have other Learning Programs that can help in your journey, your adventure, the balancing of your life.

For some it feels kind of fun to become a part of a leading-edge way of thinking; perhaps the start of a grassroots movement of sorts. As you’ll discover, only good things happen as more and more people become aware of this life-positive four element ancient wisdom.

Yes, as a member of this Learning Program, then, you are supporting the noble goal of bringing this ancient wisdom back onto our collective radar screen.

Monthly Topics

Besides the Learning Program, you can learn more by clicking into the site’s Monthly Topics section. Each month a different topic is discussed. You’ll be able to discuss these topics with others in the program.

The following is a listing of some of the Monthly Topics:

• Walking as a way to draw in life-positive forces
• Using spices in cooking
• 4E Psychology: Understand yourself better
• Human anatomy and Yoga’s chakras
• 4 Element Yoga
• Breathing and “4E Breathwork”
• Meditation
• Mindfulness
• Philosophy-Spirituality
• Posture
• Holistic Nutrition
• The four elements as the builder of “Your Life’s Story”

Dr. W’s Story

Hi, I’m Dr. W. Since I am asking you to take a chance with me and what I have to teach you about this 4 Element way of seeing the world – it’s fair you should know a bit about me, my story.

I’ve been a holistic chiropractor for over 30 years up here in Syracuse, NY. I became a chiropractor because I saw it as a way to help people through natural means.

From an early age I sensed that there was something spiritual about Nature. Like many other kids I would hang out in the woods of my neighborhood, but perhaps more than the others I would focus on the little things that made up Nature – the mosses, the smell of damp soil, the blue of a crisp sky.

At the same time I was drawn to understand the human body. I was the one who gravitated to finding my brother’s sore spots, massaging my dad’s tight muscles; I can still recall noticing the well-grounded, old-country motions of my grandmother as she moved through her kitchen.

Before I went to chiropractic college I got my Bachelor’s degree in Forest Biology – with a major in Botany. This is mentioned because I’ve come to realize that I’m part an ancient lineage that few doctors or scientists feel part of today. It began with the Ancients’ use of the four elements to understand Nature, including its herbs.

And further, besides applying it toward healing people, they applied all this to understand our human condition, as well as the deepest mysteries of the cosmos.

My work as a holistic chiropractor and researcher over the last 30+ years has made me one of today’s leaders in the natural scientist-philosopher-healer tradition.

With that said, I’ve created Growing Holistically, an online Holistic Learning Program and community, focused on an essential piece of this ancient wisdom – the idea that fire, air, water and earth express four cosmic (and arguably spiritual) principles. With me guiding you, you’re going to learn how Nature’s foursome acts as a Rosetta Stone, a code, that you can apply to your own story.

You will grow, heal, and live a more vibrant, balanced, purposeful life when you come to understand these four cosmos-spanning “spiritual” forces that Nature’s four elements embody.

Mission and Vision of Growing Holistically

There is a great imbalance that so many people feel today. This imbalance manifests on all levels of our individual and collective lives – in the jobs, the economics, politics, obesity levels, climate change, and the expensive over-reach of the high tech medicine of today.

Much of this imbalance comes from the ever-growing gulf between two important poles of our human condition – “the modern” and “the primitive”.

The Modern Pole tells us that new and exciting things will make our life better; it has given us all that technology we love to get stimulated by. The Primitive Pole pushes us to quieter, spiritual moments where we gain insights and important life experiences through Nature.

Every generation of humankind is more modern than the one that came before it.  Each generation therefore becomes ever more removed from Nature – the primitive pole of our life. 

Our mission is to help people discover that at the core of Nature (and the primitive pole of our life) are the four elements.

Our Vision is that as more and more people discover what Fire, Air, Water and Earth are really all about, they will not only be drawn to do things that will make their own lives better, but will find reasons to work together to create a better balance in our common world as well!

We believe only great things will happen as more and more people discover what lies at the core of Nature’s four elements – a set of four cosmic-spiritual-natural principles that need to be in balance in our individual and collective lives. Dr. W and others in the four element field aren’t inventing anything new – they’re just renewing it for our time!