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Hi there folks, I hope you’re taking on the 30 Day Holistic Challenge and perhaps even using your scorecard beyond those 30 days. If you haven’t already, I recommend also checking out my Learning Program (with its 10-15 minute lessons).

The 30 Day Holistic Challenge and the Learning Program are key parts of Growing Holistically. But there are other parts as well!

They’re all oriented to helping you in ways that go beyond what I have time to discuss during your office visits when I focus on correcting spinal alignment issues and nerve stress problems.

Over my 30+ years working as a chiropractor and a leading-edge holistic researcher, I’ve discovered that the Ancients’ four element way of seeing the world offers the antidote to many of today’s problems – body, mind and spirit-wise.

As you might sense, I’m on a mission to help people rediscover this ancient wisdom.

And while I’m not exactly comfortable with that fun, tongue in cheek title others have given me – “the four element guru” – I’ll accept that honor because no one else is talking much about this important foursome. For those of you who are religious, it’s worth knowing that they even show up in the first four days of the Bible’s Creation story – and are at the core of most spiritual/religious traditions.

I try to apply these four principles to our day-to-day lives with my “Quick Minutes” and other informative videos on the GrowingHolistically YouTube Channel. For those looking for a relatively quick but deep dive into the four, I recommend my 32 minute film, The Four Element Story.

For those enjoying the camaraderie of others, check out the Community-building part of the site. It’s a place to share your experiences and learn from others as they integrate this powerful foursome into their lives – with improved nutrition, posture, walking, exercising, thinking, …

If you haven’t started the Holistic Learning Program? The easy to watch lessons are available here.

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