Body Awareness

Your body is in so many ways, you. Imagine a kind of body awareness that allowed you to  invigorate your body through posture and movements which channeled the forces of Nature into you. In the process you become more balanced, healthier, and physically nimble.

That’s what 4 Element Yoga promises to do.

4 Element Yoga is a system that incorporates body awareness, biokinetics (movement & exercise), and natural philosophy. Because it was developed by a chiropractor it will also introduce you to ways of appreciating your body in a musculoskeletal way. Dr. W has helped to bring to light what some call “the sacred architecture” of our human body.

As you move through the Learning Program, you will find a variety of useful information focused on breathing and posture, yoga and chakras, sacred architecture and the glorious power of our human body.  Lots of information and practical tools to become the best you can be!