About Dr. W

Hi, I’m Dr. W. Here is a little bit about me.

I’ve been a holistic chiropractor for over 30 years up here in Syracuse, NY. I became a chiropractor because I saw it as a way to help people through natural means.

From an early age I sensed that there was something significant and even spiritual about Nature. Like many other kids I would hang out in the woods of my neighborhood, but perhaps more than the others I would focus on the little things that made up Nature – the mosses, the smell of damp soil, the blue of a crisp sky.

When people are on a mission they feel compelled to do what they can “to complete their mission”. Dr. W’s mission is to help people today to become familiar an ancient wisdom which speaks of Nature’s four elements. And now semi-retired after a wonderful 35 years in practice, Growing Holistically is his way of giving back – and getting the wealth of information about the Fire, Air, Water and Earth foursome of Nature out to the public.

Furthermore, all profits from any of Dr. Walsdorf’s enterprises go to The Four Element Institute. The Institute utilizes four element thinking to discover new ways to address the imbalances in our individual and collective lives. More can be found at www.FourElementInstitute.org.

Before I went to chiropractic college I got my Bachelor’s degree in Forest Biology – with a major in Botany. This is mentioned because I’ve come to realize that I’m part an ancient lineage that few doctors or scientists feel part of today. Science began with the Ancients’ use of the four elements to understand Nature, including its herbs.

And further, besides applying it toward healing people, they applied all this to understand our human condition, as well as the deepest mysteries of the cosmos. Science, philosophy, healing and so much more, began with a study of the four elements.

My work as a holistic chiropractor and researcher over the last 30+ years has made me one of today’s leaders in the natural scientist-philosopher-healer tradition. It’s a lot of work to bring something forward that is so against the normal way of thinking and living today, but somebody has got to do it. 😉

With all that said, I’ve created Growing Holistically, an online Holistic Learning Program and community, focused on an essential piece of this ancient wisdom – the idea that fire, air, water and earth express four cosmic (and arguably spiritual) principles. I’m going to help you learn how Nature’s foursome acts as a Rosetta Stone; a code, that you can apply to your own life, to your unique journey on this amazing and beautiful place we live here in the cosmos.

You will grow, heal, and live a more vibrant, balanced, purposeful life when you come to understand these four cosmos-spanning “spiritual” forces that Nature’s four elements embody so magnificently.

Learn more about me and my mission at DrWalsdorf.com