4 Element Scorecard

The 4 Element Scorecard is at the core of the 30 Day Holistic Challenge. It will help you gain a great life as you develop a set of good routines. Here’s why: Life has become very complicated. In our current times, it has become very difficult to keep our lives in balance. Our ancient ancestors recognized that Nature’s four elements express four fundamental cosmic principles that work in balance with each other.

The 4 Element Scorecard helps you discover where your life is out of balance as you use that same four element context. The scorecard itself requires nothing more than a few minutes each day reviewing the various activities that a holistic lifestyle would optimally include.

Your life will improve dramatically as you find more and more points adding up each day over the week – even over the months as you continue the scorecard. You may be performing many of the activities already. Other scorecard activities will push you to do something you’re not accustomed toward doing.

Regardless, each of these activities stimulates the corresponding element within you, making you stronger in the process. You will be able to feel this strengthening process more and more as you become familiar with the life-enhancing principles that the four elements embody.

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