Looking for an inspired, interesting, fun and effective way
to grow as a person and master your personal and professional life?

It begins with our
FREE 30 Day Holistic Challenge

The 30 Day Holistic Challenge is led by Dr. Howard Walsdorf, a leading-edge holistic doctor – with over 30 years experience. He has found a few easy-to-learn simple concepts that can improve your health and change your life.

4 simple, but mind-expanding concepts
built upon Nature’s four elements!

Fire, Air, Water and Earth

Not only will your health and vitality improve – you’ll find that the world becomes more interesting and fun as you discover what the Fire, Air, Water and Earth of Nature tell us about how the cosmos and your life works. As you move through this program you’ll learn about the various sets of foursomes propping up the world around you. You will find yourself able to navigate the world and get the personal success you want.

Ready to Be The Best You Can Be?

The 30 Day Wellness Challenge got me thinking every day about what healthy habits I could be engaging in to take care of myself. I took away some great ideas about how to slow down and mentally reorient myself to find inner calm and wellness. It was really worthwhile to reflect after each day and to challenge myself to do better for the next one!

– Steph K

What does the 30 Day Holistic Challenge include?

  • Our Four Element Scorecard – a handy way to build a great life with good routines.

  • Dr. W’s “Quick Minutes” – get inspired by short videos available on Youtube

  • The Four Element Learning Program – you’ll discover lots of cool and interesting things

What to Expect from the 30 Day Challenge:

• Improved Posture

• Better sleeping

• Deeper breathing

• Being more positive

• Being drawn to healthier foods

• A more nimble, agile, pain-free body

• Improved health

• Better body weight

• Less Stress

• Amazing routines

• More positive energy

• More happiness

Why it works

The 30 Day Holistic Challenge is unique in that it connects you to an ancient wisdom in practical ways.

Curiously, no one talks about this ancient four element wisdom.

You will become healthier, happier, smarter, and more successful as you apply this ancient wisdom to your life.

Here’s some words from Dr. W

“As an added bonus to this 30 Day Holistic Challenge, you get FREE access to my Learning Program, which includes a series of 10 minute videos. You’re going to learn how to master your life in a deeper, holistic way – so you can gain the insights, the health, the happiness, and the well-rounded success you seek.

The secret to this holistic self-improving program is that it reaches deep into the core of an ancient wisdom. Unfortunately, it’s a wisdom that few people know much about today.

I’ve been working within this holistic four element way of thinking, living and healing for over 30 years and have discovered some very practical things we can each do to draw into ourselves the life-positive energies of Nature.

I’m going to teach you how to do it.

So, for example, the good posture and sense of being strong and sturdy that you want? You’re going to learn about the power of a good “heel strike” to bring the life-positive energies of the Earth Principle into you.

In the process you’ll walk better, gain better posture and become “sturdier” as a person.

You’re also going to discover the benefits of breathing and moving in ways that channel other life-positive forces into any of the weaker parts of your body to make them healthier.

Over the course of my years in practice I’ve discovered that people are thirsty for a doctor who can give them a deeper, even spiritual way to appreciate their body – and the food they eat, too.

You’ll be able to prepare tasty and healthy “four element meals” as I show you how to see the distinctive characteristics of different foods and spices in terms of a particular balance of “natural principles”.

Together, we’re going to use Nature’s four elements to understand the four main building blocks of our life. Why is it worth you learning this? Because it will help you to recalibrate and renew your life mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Sadly, while this foursome of natural principles-forces-energies were so well appreciated for literally thousands of years by the wisest of people, no one is talking much about them today.

I’ve come to realize that if people don’t get this important information from me, they probably won’t get it at all. That’s why I’m putting it out there like this – and giving it to you without any cost at all! 😉

Want to learn more? Check out Dr. W’s book here.

Easy to Digest Lessons

Many people who do the 30 Day Holistic Challenge benefit from what they learned in Dr. Walsdorf’s Holistic Learning Program.

It is broken down into easy-to-digest lessons, most are between 10 and 15 minutes long. The lessons can be viewed for free on our site or on our youtube channel.

Here’s the lessons in the course:
• Introduction to the 4 Elements
• Time to Become Sturdier
• Your Nerves, Muscles, Blood and Bone
• Holistic Nutrition
• Your Amazing Body: 4E Yoga, part 1
• 4 Element Yoga, part 2
• Holistic Psychology
• Four Element Walking

There are fun and rewarding incentives for doing the lessons, and you even get a Certificate of Completion!

You’ll also want to view “Dr. W’s Quick Minute” videos on our youtube channel.


Another important part of this free holistic program is that you can learn from others as they share their experiences. You can share your experiences too as you learn this holistic knowledge.

You’re going to find Growing Holistically more than a place to learn, but also a welcoming and encouraging community where you can enjoy the company of others as you explore life and grow in this holistic four element way.

Monthly Topics

Besides the Learning Program, you can learn more by clicking into the site’s Monthly Topics section. Each month a different topic is discussed. You’ll be able to discuss these topics with others in the Growing Holistically community.

Mission of Growing Holistically

Our vision is that as more and more people discover what Fire, Air, Water and Earth are really all about, they will not only be drawn to do things that will make their own lives better, but will find reasons to work together to create a better balance in our common world as well!

Only great things will happen as more and more people discover what lies at the core of Nature’s four elements – a set of four cosmic-spiritual-natural principles that need to be in balance in our individual and collective lives. Dr. W isn’t inventing anything new – he’s just on a mission to renew it for our time!