A Nature-based way of creating Health, Balance & Self-Renewal
– With Dr. W as your guide!

For over 35 years, Dr. Walsdorf has been helping his patients by connecting them to a set of life-positive natural forces that the Ancients called Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Discover how this foursome of Nature are a pattern – that is here to help you discover how to live a healthy, balanced, and happy life.

This website is the home for the community built around the Four Element Self-Renewal System Dr. W has created to help more and more people discover how to apply the power of Nature’s four elements to their life – their health problems, their stress and life imbalance.

The bulk of material of this holistic life-renewing program can be found on Dr. W’s Patreon site. It is actually FREE to join – you get access to informative videos that Dr. W has put together to help you discover the four elements, and to learn how they affect your life.

We do encourage you to join at one of the other levels to access more as seen below. Your $5.00- $10.00/month helps defray the costs to maintain the staff at Growing Holistically. Nothing goes to Dr. W; he gets the satisfaction of helping people discover this ancient holistic wisdom.

Here are some sections of the 4Element Self-Renewal System available on Patreon:

Dr. W’s Holistic Learning Program

A series of 20 minute videos where Dr. W uses nature’s four elements to understand the how and the why of important dimensions of your life

Dr. W’s “Quick Minutes”

Short, often fun and useful four element concepts applied to the problems of our day

Try Our Four Element Holistic Self Assessment Tool

Dr. W has created a quick (5 minute), FREE, & fun way for you to see your unique balance of nature’s four elements!

Four Element Magazine

You’ll see a more informal Dr. W as he weaves a few different topics together – for some fun and useful knowledge.

Try Dr. W’s Wellness Check

This 3 minute wellness check will give you a way to assess how healthy and wholesome your life currently is. The higher the score the better you probably feel about your life and the healthier you probably are.

4 Element Yoga

References for exercises Dr. W gives his patients – For improved body (somatic) awareness and health

Holistic Advise for Your Pain or Health Issue series

Helpful videos taking advantage of Dr. Walsdorf’s 30 years of experience in using the four element holistic context to resolve his patients’ problems

Here’s some words from Dr. W

With my Four Element Self-Renewal System you’re going to learn how to master your life in a deeper, holistic way – so you can gain the insights, the health, the happiness, and the well-rounded success you seek.

The secret to this holistic self-improving program is that it reaches deep into the core of an ancient wisdom. Unfortunately, it’s a wisdom that few people know much about today.

I’ve been working within this holistic four element way of thinking, living and healing for over 30 years and have discovered some very practical things we can each do to draw into ourselves the life-positive energies of Nature. I’m going to teach you how to do it.

So, for example, the good posture and sense of being strong and sturdy that you want? You’re going to learn about the power of a good “heel strike” to bring the life-positive energies of the Earth Principle into you.

In the process you’ll walk better, gain better posture and become “sturdier” as a person. You’re also going to discover the benefits of breathing and moving in ways that channel other life-positive forces into any of the weaker parts of your body to make them healthier.

You’ll be able to prepare tasty and healthy “four element meals” as I show you how to see the distinctive characteristics of different foods and spices in terms of a particular balance of “natural principles”.

Together, we’re going to use Nature’s four elements to understand the four main building blocks of our life. Why is it worth you learning this? Because it will help you to recalibrate and renew your life mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Sadly, while this foursome of natural principles-forces-energies were so well appreciated for literally thousands of years by the wisest of people, no one is talking much about them today.

I’ve come to realize that if people don’t get this important information from me, they probably won’t get it at all. Consider joining me on Patreon to get access to the entire learning program. You can even join for free!

Want to learn more? Check out Dr. W’s book here.

You don’t need to be a Patreon member to view his FourElementDoctor YouTube channel, or to go to his FourElementDoctor TikTok page.